Monday, 25 May 2015

Swallowing My Pryde.

Some images from the end of last year when i was asked by 2pure to do a few test shots of a Neil Pryde Zephyr. Admittedly my first reaction to the bike was tarnished by my own ill conceived preconceptions of the brand and my snobbish love of heritage brands and Italian components (it was equipped with Ultegra). After using the bike for more than a month in all terrains and weathers while photographing it, i have to put my hands up and admit that it rode amazingly in all situations, climbed well even though it's not super light and never gave me any problems from a comfort point of view (all great considering it's aimed at a 'sportive' market). I'll even admit that i loved the Japanese fishing equipment that was on it, i'm eating my hat...

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