Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Outro Mundo (dois).

I personally don't think that modernisation is all positive progress but i live in a cosmopolitan city where i have the luxury of choosing how much modernisation in which to indulge myself. This stretch of road running between Burgau and Salema, two small fishing villages in the western Algarve, has been recently partially resurfaced due to a new luxury estate halfway between the two, partially as a section of dirt road remains in an area of natural wetland, progress with a conscience. The new estate is a blot on the landscape and a further intrusion into an area of stunning beauty but the road would never have been resurfaced for the locals alone and maybe it is to their benefit. I as a mere tourist am torn between the road as it was, from a romantic and nostalgic point of view, and the road it is now, from a selfish roadbike slickness point view. Due to the lack of veteran cyclists/cycling fans with whom to interact i found myself pestering a veteran of a more seafareing pursuit.

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