Friday, 27 April 2012

Something For The Weekend.


The last time i tried to use my sadly neglected mountainbike i ended
up pushing it home in the pissing rain, rear shock deflated, broken
chain wrapped in a discarded biscuit packet, tail between legs.
Entirely my own fault due to housing it unwashed in the shed covered
in salt and snow over a year previous, lesson learned. Thankfully the
good folks at 2pure came to the rescue by allowing me the use of a
beautiful carbon (a mtb first for me) Ibis Mojo HD, obviously to be
able to photograph The Ibis Cycles UK Team you have to understand
the bikes they ride. Unfortunately i had to give it back the next day
but that did involve cycling up Poet's Glen, the only way to get to the
2pure offices as far as i know? See local press.

ibis mojo hd

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